Informal meetings: Key to culture and teamwork

Informal meetings are an integral part of the functioning of any company. They help unite the team and get to know employees in an informal setting. This article will analyze the other advantages of such corporate events. 

Informal meetings – a basis for the efficient teamwork

Nowadays, organizing informal corporate events is a widespread practice in modern corporate management. Corporate events are the best way to entertain and motivate the team. It is a key element of the corporate culture that promotes employee cohesion and increased collective efficiency.

The successful work of a large or small company depends not so much on the knowledge and experience of employees but on coherence, mutual understanding, and clear interaction in the performance of tasks. A well-organized corporate party contributes to forming and strengthening these qualities in a team of like-minded people. Team building is the most effective method of team building and developing informal relations between colleagues. Thus, it is possible to build general psychological schemes of team interaction in a team, corporate mutual understanding. A thematic corporate party organized according to a special program ensures the formation of a monolithic team of full-time employees of the company.

The coherence in work in the performance of common tasks largely depends on the level of relations established in the team between colleagues. A well-prepared corporate team building can establish these trusting relationships and consolidate them at a high level. If good relations improve, employees try not to get personal, not to criticize the boss during his absence, and not to discuss each other’s personal qualities. Corporate events for team formation are general psychological training conducted in the form of various games. Regularly conducted team building allows full-time employees of the company to establish and maintain normal psychological relationships with each other.

How do informal internal events strengthen corporate culture?

The corporate culture is specific and different from the standards adopted in other areas – it promotes new values. A company is not just an office where an employee spends 8 hours a day, and it is a whole ecosystem in which it is not only comfortable to work but also pleasant to be in. Instead of strict regulations and discipline, employers focus on ensuring that employees are satisfied that they have chosen their company. It is a place where each employee has their approach, and everyone feels a sense of belonging to the team.

Informal meetings are an opportunity to define and strengthen the company’s culture, motivate staff, receive feedback and reduce the loss of valuable personnel. Therefore, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention and professional efforts to organize such events. In addition, such events help to switch, and employees have common memories, and this is very important for the company.

The informality of the atmosphere and the relaxed atmosphere of corporate events allow not only to have fun but also to achieve several business goals at once:

  • establish effective communication within the team;
  • increase employee loyalty to the company;
  • note the success of the company in the market;
  • provide the team with psychological relief;
  • emotionally recharge the team;
  • adapt new employees;
  • identify informal leaders in the team;
  • unleash the creative potential of colleagues;
  • strengthen the authority of leaders.

So, each of these tasks is an important “brick” in forming corporate culture.